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Early in 1898 Father Fisher of St. Joseph Parish in Pomona extended an invitation to the order of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary from Oakland to investigate the possibilities of opening a school in Pomona.  After some deliberation, the offer was accepted and the Academy of the Holy Names was constructed.  In 1927, the old school building was destroyed by fire.  Since, the damage was so extensive, it was decided to completely rebuild the structure.  As a result, the present edifice was constructed in 1928. The need for a coeducational high school had been apparent for many years.  Only two and one-half percent of the Catholic teenagers in the valley were attending Catholic high schools.  In 1948, the Right Reverend Monsignor Thomas P. English, in collaboration with the St. Joseph parishioners, decided to buy the academy and open a coeducational high school.  The Felician Sisters accepted the invitation to staff the school.

Pomona Catholic High School (originally called St. Joseph High School) was dedicated by James Cardinal Francis McIntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles, in 1952.  In 1954, the school received accreditation status with the Office of Relations with Schools – University of California.  On April 1, 1979, Pomona Catholic became an Archdiocesan high school.

Eventually, to meet the needs of rapidly increasing enrollment, it was proposed that Pomona Catholic become an all girls’ school, and a boys’ high school be opened in the valley area.  In 1958, the Old Bonita High School site was purchased by the Archdiocese and remodeled to meet modern standards.  It officially opened in 1959 as Pomona Catholic Boys High School, later changing its name to Damien High School.

In 1963, Pomona Catholic High School became an all girls’ school when the last class of boys graduated in 1962.

Pomona Catholic is now a co-institution.  It provides an education to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls.  Located on the same grounds is a college preparatory program for an all girls’ high school.  We have found this unique program to be successful and convenient for our students and families because of the familiar and seamless curriculum.  In this model, a blending of curriculum will equip students for a college preparatory program at Pomona Catholic High School for the girls and Damien High School for the boys.