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Alma Mater

Pomona Catholic Alma Mater

Alma Mater
Alma Mater Pomona Catholic High!
Hail! All hail to thee!
Loyal sons and daughters,
Pledge their love and fealty;
Steadfast, strong, and faithful,
‘Neath the Green and White.
Fortress of truth and light,
Glorious Alma Mater!
Forever we’ll sing your praises.
To our God and Country,
Neighbor, school and duty,
Shine Semper Fidelis
Motto of our School.
Pomona Catholic High!
Beacon of true wisdom
Your bright guiding light we follow.
Crowned with love’s devotion,
Reverence, admiration;
Lead and light our way, oh,
Valiant peerless guide.
Pomona Catholic High!
For your hallowed counsel
Gratefully we pray, God Bless You!