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Honors and Advancement Courses

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses


Placement in honors and AP classes will be done when students meet departmental requirements. These requirements could include: reading above grade level on the IOWA exam, achieving a specified grade given in prior survey course (departments discretion), teacher recommendation, and/or recommended by AP Potential (College Board) from PSAT scores. Students who do not meet requirements will have to appeal in writing to the Director of Counseling. 
Students admitted to honors and AP courses will have to complete required summer reading and assignments handed out prior to the completion of the previous school year. Failure in completing these assignments will result in being dropped from the course. Instructors will communicate all assignments and expectations for their respective courses.
  • College Preparatory Courses are designed for students who need moderate emphasis on the basic skills of courses. 
  • Honors Classes - Courses are designed for students whose command of the basic skills enables them to pursue a more detailed study of the course. 
  • Advanced Placement are designed by the College Board, these courses include a very rigorous curriculum. There is a required national exam every school year in the month of May.