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Remote Learning

Our concern is always for the well-being of all our students and employees. We also take seriously our obligation to continue to prepare our students academically.
As you have heard and read, the current global health concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus have initiated conditions for teaching and learning unlike anything we have experienced before.
Please read the information on this page carefully, so you are able to help your child(ren) prepare for this change and to assist him/them in making academic progress during the days and weeks ahead, when we are not meeting face-to-face on campus.

What do I need to do for online learning?

Students will need to be checking their PC e-mail account several times per day.
Teachers will be posting lessons on an ongoing basis and students will be asked to complete assignments, readings, and assessments remotely for all of their classes. Additionally, students may be required to log into real-time chats, video broadcasts, discussion threads, or other online platforms at specific times in order to perform work or assessments. The schedule of classes and times is provided in the table below.
Teachers and counselors will be keeping regular ‘virtual office hours’ as well, in order to answer questions and be available for check-ins. The schedule of classes and times is provided in the table below.

What will the schedule be?

Schedule of Classes and Office Hours (Each week will use the same schedule) 

What if I need a device?

Contact Ms. Phay at to for a school device. 


What if I do not have Internet?

We have iPads with LTE service. Please contact Ms. Phay to check out a device.
You can also contact Spectrum to arrange service, free to students for up to 60 days. Click here to learn more. 


What will be happening during the time window for each class?

That will depend on your teachers. Here are some of the possibilities:
  • You may be asked to join a video conference or online chat using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or some other platform. Once there, you might:
  • Watch a video/listen to an audio of presentation
  • Be asked to contribute to a virtual class discussion
  • Watch a video on YouTube or another platform
  • You may be asked to take an online assessment through Google Classroom, Socrative, Kahoot, or some other application
  • You may be asked to collaborate on a project or assessment with classmates in Google Apps
  • You may have an assignment to complete on Khan Academy or some other platform
  • Check-in and submit/post work that was assigned from the previous class meeting
  • Download or view work to be completed for the next class session
  • The options are almost limitless

Will I need to do work outside the time window of my class?

Absolutely. Just as if you were in school in person, you will have work to complete and submit outside of the time window of your class.

How will grades be assigned?

It is important to understand that in order to receive credit for the semester, you will be completing and submitting assessments (homework, quizzes, tests, worksheets, workbooks, review guides, etc.) online. As would be the case if you were in school, we expect that your work will be turned-in on time. If you do not turn-in work, turn-in late work, or turn-in incomplete work, then, just as if you were in school in person, you will not earn credit, or earn reduced credit, and your grade will be lowered.

How will attendance be taken?

Attendance is intended to be a progress report of the work being done over the course of a few days. In determining the attendance code to post, your teachers will assign you a mark based on the following criteria:
If you:
  • have been turning work in on time as assigned, and/or
  • have been “showing up” in “real time” meetings, chats, broadcasts, check-ins, etc., then you will be marked ‘PRESENT’


Can I come to campus?

For the safety of you and our faculty and staff, we are not permitting anyone on campus at this time.


What about sports practices, co-curricular activities, and social events?

All school activities and events have been suspended at least from March 17 – April 19. If the time frame is extended, we will let you know.

What if I have questions?

The best thing, as always, will be for you to consult your teachers, so send e-mail to them.