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Summer Assignments

Good Afternoon PC Families,

Summer Assignments

Please review the mandatory summer assignments your daughter will be responsible for in order to enroll in any of the below AP or Honors courses in the 2020-2021 school year. Please contact the teacher with specific questions about the summer assignments. I am happy to meet with you to discuss scheduling questions & college guidance. 

Honors English 2 Summer Reading Parent Letter.docx  & Honors English 2 Across A Hundred Miles Summer Assign.docx  Contact with questions. 

AP Lang and Comp -Reading List 2021.docx  Contact with questions.

AP Lit Reading Summer Assignment.docx Contact with questions. 

H Geometry Summer Work Packet.pdf  Contact with questions. 

AP Gov Summer Homework.pdf Contact with questions. 

Esperanza Renace - AP Spanish Summer Reading Assignment 2020.docx  & AP Español-Summer Grammar Assignment 2020.pdf  Google Classroom Code: udk3l4m  Contact with questions. 

AP Art History Summer Assignment.docx  Contact with questions. 

AP STUDIO ART SUMMER ASSIGNMENT.docx Contact with questions.

AP Psychology-students must join Google Classroom & complete the required summer assignments in order to remain in the class in the fall. Google Classroom Code: d2w2z4n Contact with questions. 

AP Biology-students must join Google Classroom & complete the required summer assignments in order to remain in the class in the fall. Google Classroom Code: omo2czw Contact with questions. 

Physics - please join Google Classroom iewnvlf Contact with questions (no summer assignment)

Pre-Calculus Preparation Course-no credit

All students who are interested in taking Pre-Calculus in the upcoming school year are encouraged to take this two week prep course. Students will be exposed to concepts pertinent to success in Pre-Cal. Summer School Courses 2020.pdf  Contact with questions. 


2020-2021 Course Request Sheets

Please make sure your daughter completes her course request sheet for the upcoming school year on our website

Several forms have been submitted without a name. Please check in with me to ensure I have your daughter's course requests.

I'm including rising 10th-12th course request sheets here for your review:

10th Grade Course Request Sheet 2020-2021.doc 

11th Grade Course Request Sheet 2020-2021.doc 

12th Grade Course Request Sheet 2020-2021.docx 


John Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Innovation

Fall 2020 application now available

Developed by Johns Hopkins faculty, Biomedical Engineering Innovation (BMEI) introduces biomedical engineering to high school students by:

  • modeling biological systems,
  • designing experiments to test those models, and
  • introducing engineering principles to solve design problems that are biological, physiological, and/or medical.


Students will model human efficiency, the arm, and the cardiovascular system. Students are expected to apply their knowledge of math, physics and biology to solve practical problems encountered in biomedical engineering.