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Time for Time

Our “Time for Time” policy is one facet of the Grading for Learning policy. It is designed to help a student grow in responsibility and maintain his/her assignments in a timely manner. “Time for Time” takes place with the teacher; therefore, teachers will inform a student when they will be available to fulfill the “Time for Time” commitment. Students who are not completing assignments will find this time useful in receiving the instruction and guidance they need to remain current with the course. “Time for Time” requirements must be completed within 2 weeks. Parents should expect that they will be informed, according to each teacher’s stated policy. “Time for Time” is not a disciplinary action taken against the student, rather a necessary teaching opportunity when a student:
  • is late or absent to school and has missed classroom instruction
  • has not completed assignments
  • has not passed assessments
  • does not have textbooks/required class materials