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  • Join the Damian Sports Medicine Program. The goal of the club is to provide students from Damien, St Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic who are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field with knowledge and experience in the sports medicine setting.

  • Life is difficult at times and we all need prayer. At Pomona Catholic, we take your request very seriously, and we will be praying for you.  Click here to submit your prayer request.



  • New Business Manager

    Please welcome Mr. Andres Huerta to our school community. 

    Mr. Huerta served families at St. Mary's in Fullerton for the past 11 years as the Business Manager.  He also has experience in endowments and capital campaigns. Mr. Huerta received his BA in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton and will complete the Professional in Human Resources certification next spring. 

    Please contact him if you have any questions regarding your student accounts:

    909-623-5297, ext. 30

  • With the current situation facing us CIFSS has just released the athletic calendar for the 2020-21 seasons. While there is still more information to come, I wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know WE WILL BE COMPETING this school year. I have attached the link below for you to review yourself.

    All coaches have been notified and will be in contact with you soon. If you are an incoming freshman or are a returning athlete, please feel free to reach out to me with any question or if you need to get a hold of your coach. Interest sign-ups will be coming out soon so be on the lookout so you do not miss anything.

    This is a change that is tough, but Pacers rise to the challenge and always compete. Thank you parents and athletes for your understanding and commitment to Pomona Catholic Athletics. I look forward to speaking with you all very soon.


    Daniel Threadgill , Athletic Director

  • School Year 2020 -2021

    We have been asked to begin the year remotely as a precautionary measure.  Given the plan PC has put in place for returning to in-person instruction, spending the first few weeks of school distance learning optimizes and helps prepare students and teachers to navigate the schedule and technology that we will utilize during the school year. 

    Once we are given the green light to return to campus, we are prepared to meet the needs of all families who wish to either have their son/daughter on campus or at home learning. Tomorrow, all registered families will receive a survey where you will indicate your preference of whether your son or daughter will be taking courses on campus or through distance learning. These numbers will help us as we set up classrooms adhering to safety guidelines and prepare for students on campus.  We ask you to make the decision that best suits the needs of your family and children. 

    Together with administrators, teachers, and parents, Pomona Catholic has put together a plan that will meet the needs of our families.  This plan includes hosting students on campus or off campus for instruction.  Students will attend all 6 classes each day, Monday through Thursday, either in person or watching a live feed from home.  All classes will have live teaching each of those four days.  With this model, we can move to total 100% distance learning if we are moved back to the watch list or bring all students back to campus if conditions improve. Fridays will be set aside for tutoring, office hours, meetings with teachers and teacher planning and communication with families. 

    Pomona Catholic has invested in the necessary technology and PPE supplies to help us set up this hybrid learning model.  You have our commitment and promise to provide the same high quality of teaching and learning PC puts forth each year.  In partnership with each of you, we will meet the individual needs of students.  Along with academics, we recognize the critical role social emotional issues play in the success of our students.  Our counseling department and student leadership groups will continue to create opportunities for students to connect with their peers and the school.

    Please click here for guidelines on Pomona Catholic’s return to school: Return to School Year 2020-2021 

    Here are important dates for the start of school:

    • August 20th - Parent Orientation
    • August 21st- Device pick-up at PC for all students who need to borrow iPads or laptops 
    • First week will be held virtually 8:30 am to noon
    • August 24th- Student Orientation and Health and Safety Workshop
    • August 25th- Student Seminars
    • August 26th- Periods 1-3 (15 min periods to test out login to class, teacher to introduce class, etc)
    • August 27th- Periods 4-6
    • August 28th- Office hours, teachers connect with students who had difficulty with login or were absent 
    • Monday, August 31st- First day of classes Periods 1-6

    We ask you to continue monitoring emails and reach out with questions should the need arise. 

  • Pomona Catholic is more than a school; it's a lifestyle.  It's not just about the scholarship and preparing for college, but also the memories created during the time spent. This year, we will continue our tradition to hold events either remotely or in person.  Stay tuned!