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Dress Code

High School Required Dennis Uniform Clothing:
  • Solid white overblouse (only white undergarments)
  • Plaid uniform skirt to be worn no more  than three inches above the  bend  of the knee
  • Sweaters  crew  neck, V-neck,  cardigan sweater or sweater  vest, varsity style sweater (mandatory for class of 2017)
  • Crew or knee high  socks  in solid White,  Navy  Blue, Black or Forest  Green  (no writing on
  • socks)
  • Students may wear navy or green polo with the Pomona Catholic crest on non required uniform days.
Dennis Uniform Shoes:
  • Oxfords – Saddle shoes
  • Black
  • Loafers
  • Black Mary  Janes
  • Optional: Vans Oxford style and solid black Vans with white soles
Seniors:  Grey Slip-on Vans
*If shoes  are backordered, a copy of the receipt  must be given to Dean and black flats worn with the uniform until shoes arrive.
During cold weather months November, December, January, February, March, and April:
  • Flat Front pants
  • PC Jackets
  • Tights in solid Navy, Black, Forest Green.  No white tights or leggings
  • Dennis Uniforms
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  • HS School Code: ANOOBT