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Fine Arts Program

Fine Arts Program

We offer a  year- long Fine Arts program which teaches the student the fun, excitement, and personal reward of the dramatic arts. In building dramatic skills, the student also grows his or her strength and confidence as a person which is essential to social and educational success. The student will also have the opportunity to explore other facets of the dramatic arts including theater history, make-up design, set-design, lighting and sound design, costume-design, play-writing, film and play analysis, and direction among other crafts. Students will be engaged in the creation of the four school shows (fall show, spring musical, middle school Christmas and Shakespeare shows) either as a crew or cast member at the student’s own choosing. Overall, this program emphasizes hands-on theater practice, so to instill in the student knowledge and appreciation of theater terminology, technology, and history.

Art 1 and 2- Students will be shown and expected to produce in class, the basic techniques in various media in drawing and painting, while being exposed to the concepts of the elements of art and principles of design. They will work with the dry media in drawing and shown how to paint with water based paint in the second semester. Through studio work, they will be exposed to art history and art criticism. 

Film and Television - Students will examine all aspects of how films and television shows are made. From directing to editing, students will analyze and understand the intricacy and artistry in creating movies. 

Advanced Placement Art History  is a course that looks critically with intelligence, sensitivity and analyzes what the student sees. Slide illustrated lectures, discussions, research, writing and field trips to museums, galleries, art studios (as available) are incorporated into this course. The course presents a world view of art history, specifically, Western European art. Ancient art and non-European art contributions will be examined. Finally, the art of the 20th and 21st centuries and all the variations and inventions will be studied. Students must take the AP exam in order to receive honors credit for this course. 

Advanced Placement Studio Art - This course focuses on advanced art and design. Students will be submitting a traditional drawing media portfolio for evaluation and grading by the College Board. In it, the student will address all the traditional drawing issues and mark making concerns. The student will be using such traditional drawing media such as pencils, ink and pastels, but also many kinds of painting and printmaking. Students must take the AP exam in order to receive honors credit of this course. 

This course emphasizes performance, while instilling in the students a knowledge and appreciation of theatre terminology, technology, and history. The students will perform and/or rehearse weekly, doing pantomimes, improvisations, monologues, and scenes. 

Offered as an elective to middle and high school students whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced level.  The program seeks to educate and train the student as a complete musician through professional preparation in performance, theoretical and historical studies. Performance preparation in both vocal and instrumental areas is cultivated by individual instruction and ensemble membership.