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Parent Service Hours

Parent Service Hours encourages families to become involved in their children's activities and provides opportunities for us to create and sustain a strong community, which creates a stronger family. We have many opportunities for parents support either by attending, volunteering or donating to events such as Casino Night, Walk-a-thon, and Car Show.

Each family is obligated to render 25 hours of service per year to the school.  The program operates from June 1st to May 30th of each year.  For families with a single parent or guardian, the obligation is 12 hours per year.  If this obligation is not fulfilled by April 30th, the family will be charged $15.00 per hour for uncompleted hours.
If you have a child or children enrolled at one of our partner schools, you are only obligated to serve 10 service hours at Pomona Catholic School.
There is a buy-out option of $375 ($180 for single parent/guardian) payable at the beginning of the year.