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The scrip program runs all year long. “SCRIP” is simply buying GIFT cards through a large SCRIP card provider, in our case, Great Lakes Scrip Center. Purchase scrip and face value and earn rebates towards your family account. $200 is the required amount, any overage will be split between family and school.  


Forms of Scrip:

1.) Plastic cards - the same gift cards you have seen at supermarket kiosks.  

2.) RELOAD of previously purchased scrip plastic cards. 

3.) SCRIP vouchers which can be ordered on your home computer or smart phone and are sent to your EMAIL account and then printed and taken to the store to shop. They refer to this form of scrip as “ScripNow!”. So, “ScripNow!” can be purchased on the internet from any city, any state, island or country. It can be a sent as a gift to any email address … that special nephew, niece, or grandchild literally anywhere in the world.


Encourage relatives, co-workers, and friends to participate. This way, you can meet and even exceed your requirement. 


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Program Overview Video
Why I Use Scrip - Spanish Video