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The scrip program runs all year long. “SCRIP” is simply buying merchant GIFT cards through a large SCRIP card provider, in our case, Great Lakes Scrip Center. They sell SCRIP cards at face value and the SCRIP card company sends Pomona Catholic, a small rebate percentage of each purchase. Over time, those rebates can add up to a very worthwhile amount of financial support for Pomona Catholic School.


The SCRIP itself can take various forms:

1.) Plastic cards - the same gift cards you have seen many times. This may be the most frequently used method by the local school parents.

2.) RELOAD of previously purchased PC scrip plastic cards. A less frequently used but very convenient option.

3.) SCRIP vouchers which can be ordered on your home computer or smart phone and are sent to your EMAIL account and then printed and taken to the store to shop. They refer to this form of scrip as “ScripNow!”. So, “ScripNow!” can be purchased on the internet from any city, any state, island or country. It can be a sent as a gift to any email address … that special nephew, niece, or grandchild literally anywhere in the world.


As an example, when you are making your next purchases on Amazon or QVC, it will cost you nothing extra and it will be a big help the Pomona Catholic High School. Could you make the very small effort of first obtaining the SCRIP/gift card online and then making your online purchase using the SCRIP voucher number plugged into the payment screen. Amazon and QVC are just 2 of the 97 merchants that currently support the “ScripNow!” system. Besides "giving" to PC by using "ScripNow!", we could look into sending you the plastic cards if you were interested or wanted to try the RELOAD process. There are on-line reports available to your totals 24 hours a day. Of course, the rebate amounts you earn for the school are fully tax deductible.


Encourage relatives, co-workers, and friends to participate. This way, you can meet and even exceed your requirement. We accept personal cash, checks and money orders. “PrestoPay” does remain the easiest and most preferred method of payment.


Click here for step by step registration instructions.


Enrollment Code: B9599L173L273