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Tuition Support


Students are not eligible for tuition support without a complete FACTS Grant & Application – Pomona Catholic is dedicated to covering the demonstrated need of all students to fulfill our mission of making Catholic education available to those who would otherwise not have access. 

Catholic Education Foundation - annual awards are available to those who qualify. Due dates are governed by CEF – for returning students December of the previous year and for new students upon application/admissions. Contact Pomona Catholic Business Office directly for more information and applications.                   

Through generous contributions from individuals and foundations, limited additional tuition assistance is available and you must apply through FACTS Grant & Aid at       

Pomona Catholic may provide support to those who qualify based on financial aid application by applying through FACTS Grant & Aid at                                                                              




(909) 623-5297

Mrs. Curran -, ext. 30

Mrs. Juarez -, ext. 19