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Tuition Support

Pomona Catholic is dedicated to covering the demonstrated need of all students to fulfill our mission of making Catholic education available to those who would otherwise not have access. See opportunities below.
Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Catholic Education Foundation awards need-based families who meet the financial eligibility guidelines.  Awards are $2,000 per year and are given on a first come, first serve basis.
Merit-Based Scholarships
Incoming Freshmen will earn a merit based scholarship based upon her High School Placement Test.  No application is necessary as these scholarships are awarded to students who score in the top 90+ percentile.  Awards are granted all four years of enrollment.
Top Score: $3,000 per year
Second: $2,000 per year
Third: $1,000 per year
Foundation and Donor Scholarships
Pomona Catholic offers scholarships to incoming and current students based on available financial resources from foundations and individual donors.  Most foundations and individual donors require that a family have financial need.  A majority of scholarships are faculty/staff nominated; no application is required.  In a few cases, the donor is directly involved or has established a board to assist with the selection process.
Pomona Catholic Tuition Assistance
Pomona Catholic awards grants to families based on need.  Award amounts vary. You must apply through the link below.
Apply for Tuition Support                
Students are not eligible for tuition support without a complete FACTS Grant & Application
Please contact us if you have any questions:     
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Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
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